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Kenthurst Public School has a very successful band program. The program consists of a junior band for beginners and a senior band. We have over 40 students involved in the program.

Participating in the Band Program at Kenthurst Public School is a fun and valuable learning experience for children. The students have an opportunity to develop their musical skills through playing a musical instrument as well as developing those skills within a group. The band regularly performs at school and in the local community. The comradery of the band encourages students from different years at school to make friends across year groups.

Our band rehearsals are held on Thursdays before school in the school hall. Tutoring is provided to students during school hours, on a rotating timetable, in the learning centre and the hall. Please note, junior band tutorials start in term 1, but rehearsals start in term 2. Students pay band membership fees, tutoring fees and instrument hire (if required).

Research has shown that learning an instrument can have substantial benefits to a student's academic, creative, discipline, motor, listening and social skills. 

Who can join the band?

The band program is open to all students in years 3-6. The program is as follows:

  • Junior Band: Any child in year 3 or above may join. Junior band members often start in year 3, although some start later in years 4, 5 and 6. No previous musical experience is required as this band is for beginners. Please note, children under year 3 are not eligible to join the band.
  • Senior band: Students in Senior band may join after playing an instrument for 1 year in Junior Band.

Joining the Band

All students have the opportunity to join the band. Tryout days are held late in the year. If your child is interested there will be a form given out with information about the band program, which you need to return to indicate your interest. Tryout (or blow test) days are held on Thursdays during school hours. This is not an audition, just a time for children to try out a few different instruments to see what their personal preference is and also to see which they have a more natural skill for playing. For example, a very small child may be more suited to the clarinet that the saxophone suited to a saxophone. A child with very crooked or prominent teeth may not be suited to the flute or trumpet, but may prefer lower brass such as trombone, or the clarinet. After the tryout day your child will receive an envelope with enrolment forms and results of their blow test. Ultimately the best choice will be the one your child will want to practice. This can be a combination of natural skill and the affinity with the particular instrument they choose.

Your Child’s Commitment

If your child joins the band there are certain responsibilities involved:

  • Attend weekly band rehearsals
  • Receive weekly instrument tuition
  • Practise regularly
  • Participate in band performances in and outside of school

The band program requires regular and on time attendance at all rehearsals. If your child is unwell or absent from band, please email the band director: All students are expected to assist in setting up and packing up band equipment (music stands, chairs, drum kit, percussion instruments) each week. 

For all enquiries please contact Teaching Services Australia: