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At Kenthurst Public School we endeavour to develop in students a love of reading and encourage them to read as widely as possible so as to deepen their reading experiences. 

This is encouraged as part of their time in the library through the premiers reading challenge and other events celebrating Literacy. All students have an opportunity to borrow books during their weekly one hour library lessons with further opportunity to exchange their loans during  lunch break. We encourage your  child to  borrow and we understand that every child requires different forms of stimulas to learn whether they be Fiction or Non- Fiction books.

Within our historic original classroom building (from 1883)  we have provided an exceptional 21st Century learning environment with its bright ,colourful and mobile furniture which allows for flexible learning spaces to be created.

During this time the librarian and classroom teacher develop and reinforce 21st century learning by ensuring students work to their full potential whilst providing a learning curriculum that is vivid, real, enjoyable and challenging. Together they encourage students to be active, creative, independent and self-critical learners using information and communication technology (ICT), books and other media to support and enhance teaching programs. Learning opportunities are integrated with lessons from the classroom by embedding ICT activities in the Library.

Annual book fairs 

During grand parents day at easter and international children's' week in October, the library holds a book fair for families to purchase from a great selection of resources. A percentage of sales are used by the school to purchase additional resources for the school.

Parent support 

Some very valuable resources come from some of our wonderful parents. If your child has finished with their books we except these if they are in great condition, for our Library collection or classroom libraries.

Burrell library 

Within our Library we have on display some memorabilia from our schools history. With the generous help from Kenthurst Men's Shed we have been able to display some wonderful items from our schools past. Please feel free at any time to come and visit this display and if you are a long term resident of Kenthurst you may have something to donate.

The library team 

Our specialist library teaching team staff include: 

  • Mrs Amy Murphy and Mrs Kerry Parnaby 


Oliver is the name of our new Library management system.

All children have been familiarised with its new features. They are all using it with enthusiasm especially in the areas of Writing book reviews for all to read and reserving their favourite books.

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